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Foxy vs Edgley

Jason Fox’s Wild Tales Episode 9: Ross Edgley

Jason Fox

Jason Fox's guest this week is adventurer and athlete extraordinaire Ross Edgley. You won't want to miss this one, it's full of truly wild tales.



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Episode 9 of Jason Fox’s Wild Tales podcast features Mr Ross Edgley, the incredible extreme athlete and adventurer. Oh and author, fitness guru and all-round good guy.

Foxy encourages the sharing of some amazing stories – the ‘tongue soup’ one may have you reaching for the smelling salts – as Ross opens up about his life, adventuring and the various difficulties faced when swimming around the British isles.

The podcast is in association with Talisker, the single malt whisky for wild spirits. One lucky person who sent questions to Foxy on Instagram will receive a bottle of the finest Talisker single malt. Listen to the show to hear who Foxy picked out…

Please drink responsibly, and only share to legal drinking age.

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