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male emotions
Male emotions – unmasking the truth

Male emotions are almost a contradiction in terms, as far as society is concerned - the idea that men don't have them can be a damaging one

How to escape your rut to ‘Live by Design’

Life and business coach Joel Burgess writes about how to escape the pandemic rut by 'living by design'.

advice for men
“Men slide into my DMs to tell me about their massive …feelings.”

Anouszka Tate from the Project Pleasure podcast writes about the men who contact her for emotional support - and it's almost as many as those who send her dick pics.

Bomb disposal expert - Kim Hughes
Inside the mind of a bomb disposal expert

Who the hell would volunteer to dispose of bombs for a living? Kim Hughes, that's who. The most highly decorated bomb disposal operator to serve in the British Army, he's chronicled his death-defying experiences in a brilliant new book, Painting the Sand...

Iniesta last game tears
Iniesta and the value of tears in football

Iniesta's last games for Barcelona will bring the tears falling on the pitch and around the world. Sport may still be the only acceptable place for men to cry, but isn't it at least a step in the right direction? Scott Salter looks at a short history of crying in football.

what is the book of man
Welcome to The Book of Man

What is The Book of Man? Well, we're a new media brand for men quite unlike any other...