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what is the book of man

Welcome to The Book of Man


What is The Book of Man? Well, we're a new media brand for men quite unlike any other...

So what is The Book of Man?

It’s a support network for offering advice and inspiration to modern men in a time of great change.

There’s no doubt about it: something is going wrong for men. Look at the symptoms: rising depression, addiction, violence, violent death through suicide. Old school male dominated society is not just damaging to women, it’s damaging to men too. The archetypes passed through generations still dog us, drag us down – you know the ones, those of breadwinner/stoic/narcissist/rationalist/aggressor. The ones still exemplified by some of the most powerful man in the planet. But rather than giving it all The Shrug Off and getting back to Netflix, we want to make sure we’re doing something about it.

Because it’s bullshit. That version of masculinity, isn’t working, it’s dangerously out of date.

We’ve been sold the wrong message about our gender, nearly as much as women have. Men are men, and if you can’t live up to that, there’s something wrong with you. You’re weak, and you’d better ‘man up’, and ‘pull yourself together’.

Yet look at the problems this is causing. All the distress. We need to get real.

We need to get a little freer in the way we think of ourselves. There is no right way to be man, and at The Book of Man, we want to open up the possibilities by questioning masculinity, creating debate around the issues we face, and exploring new, progressive ways to live.

In investigating all this, we have an extensive team of top writers and experts to bring advice on handling modern life, and profiling new heroes who are providing the inspiration to live that much freer. If we don’t have all the answers, at least we’re asking the right questions.

The Book of Man is at the frontline of modern masculinity. The Book of Man is the voice of a new type of man. The Book of Man is for you.

Thanks for reading,

Martin, Editor

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