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DIY tutorials
19 Top DIY Tutorials – Worth A Go this Easter…

With a few days off for Easter round the corner, it's time to deal with those jobs you've been putting trying out a few new ones to avoid any outsiders coming in.

Double Dangerous Book for Boys
The story behind The Double Dangerous Book For Boys

The Dangerous Book for Boys sold over 7 million copies globally, teaching a new generation about skills and tricks to make boyhood adventurous again. Now, the sequel is here...

woodwork for wellbeing
Woodwork for wellbeing

Here’s the story of a new flourishing workshop which is helping the wellbeing of adults and children by the simple act of making things. By Paul Waldmann.

This year’s must-have millennial accessory? An artisan axe

Hollywood has typecast the axe as homicidal motif. But a new generation of young, bearded craftsmen are reinventing the axe for adventure-seeking millennials and closet lumber-sexuals.

Flat pack assembly
How to build flat pack furniture (not destroy it in a rage)

Caveman had sabre-toothed tigers. Anglo-saxons had Vikings. Hippies had squares. And us? Well, our nemesis is flat-pack furniture. He's how to whup it's pretty little ass with an Allen key...

How to change a plug socket
How to change a plug without worrying

Like giving women orgasms, changing a plug is something all men think they can do instinctively. But when it comes down to it...are you sure you can perform????

How to unblock everything at home

Like panic attacks and Quorn, blocked toilets are a fact of modern life. But before you hire a 24-hour 'drain doctor' with a PhD in fleecing bewildered customers, try these simple solutions and save yourself £££…

How to change a lightbulb (yeah, really)

"Oh come on, Book of Man, we know how to do this shit!" Well, OK then, don't say we didn't warn you...