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19 Top DIY Tutorials – Worth A Go this Easter…


With a few days off for Easter round the corner, it's time to deal with those jobs you've been putting trying out a few new ones to avoid any outsiders coming in.

Plastering walls, unblocking drains, clearing out gutters…all these jobs you think you could do yourself but always end up getting ‘A Man’ in for. Well, now that we’re stuck at home it’s time to try them yourself…but not without checking out tutorials on YouTube first. Here are the top picks, via Victorian Plumbing’s research into the UK’s most stressful DIY jobs. 

1. How To Plaster A Wall by Plastering For Beginners

Taking the top spot as the UK’s most worried about DIY task, there is no wonder why this ‘Plastering for Beginners’ video has over 445k views on YouTube. In just 25 minutes, you’ll go from newbie to pro as you’re walked through the entire process. Don’t forget to look in the comments for step-by-step written instructions. And, yknow, wear old clothes, maybe even just go nude. 

2. How to Wallpaper a Feature Wall

Follow Harry’s instructions on how to hang wallpaper and you’ll be ready to go in just 20 minutes. This video starts off by listing the tools you’ll need before you start and then goes on to address common issues such as pattern matching, cutting a straight edge and pre-pasting the wall. Very easy, very good. 


3. How to Unblock an Outside Drain

A blocked drain can cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if you have to call someone out to fix the problem and then they do it in under a minute and charge you a couple of hundred quid. This video shows a technique using a hosepipe and some towels for free.


4. How to Tile a Floor 

From measuring a floor to cutting tiles, this video runs through the basic floor tiling method from start to finish. Pull this one off and be admired forever.

5. How to remove and replace grout from tiles

Using just a few simple tools, this video shows how to remove brittle, old and dirty grout from tiles and also how to re-grout them in just 10 minute video. Makes a hell of a difference.


6. How to Hang a Door

Starting off with a list of the tools you’ll need to carve out space for the hinges, this video shows you how to hang an interior door. Be sure to listen out for avoiding the usual pitfalls such as hanging the door the right way up and ensuring it opens in the right direction.


7. How to Remove and Install a Toilet

If you’re spending more time at home then you’ll be using the loo a lot more, especially if you’re boozing as much as everyone else. If you’re thinking about installing a second loo, or even replacing the one you have in the main bathroom, take a look at this video which includes tips such as removing a toilet bowl or pan, attaching them safely to the floor and wall and how to  disconnect and reconnect the cold water supply.


8. How to assemble flat pack furniture

Starting off by demonstrating how to prepare the working area, to prevent any damages to surroundings, and how to use basic flat-pack tools. Make your next assembly a swearing free one.


9. How to Fit Door Handles

A lightning-fast video showing how to change the handles on an interior door, to update an interior design look or replace a faulty fitting. 


10. How to Install a Shower

From start to finish, this video goes through the steps needed to install a shower. From installing the hot and cold pipes in the wall to fitting a new shower valve and sealing it properly, ready to use. Big boy shit.


11. Installing Hardwood Flooring for the First Time

Expert advice on installing solid wood flooring from start to finish, including the tools you’ll need to make the job easier. From checking the quality and grain of the wood to leaving enough room for any expansion around the edges. Not for the faint-hearted, mind.


12. How to replace window seals and caulking

Watch how Construction Foreman, Joshua Clement replaces window seals and caulking. Will suddenly give you the ability to caulk with ease, instead of hapless dread.

13. How to install kitchen cabinets

Advice from an industry expert on installing kitchen cabinets from start to finish, which should save you a packet when the time comes. 


14. Install a floating shelf in concrete

Watch as a man called Dave guides you through the process of installing a shelf, starting with a list of tools you’ll need to measure and secure the shelf. Make it something you’re proud to look at not embarrassed.

15. How to change your kitchen tap

Using just a few simple tools, this video shows how to disconnect hot and cold water pipes, prepare new taps for installation and installment of the new tap. Proper job that’s not too tricky. 

16. How to sand and paint furniture with Layla 

Layla guides you through the step by step process of sanding down furniture and includes a demonstration of how to apply paint afterward. She starts by listing all the tools you will need to complete the sanding process, followed by her tips for achieving the best results. Cool thing to master. 

17. Wardrobe Build, Final Fitting

From fitting the wardrobe into the wall to installing hanging rails, this is one of those jobs which will save you a fortune. 


18. How to install and level your refrigerator  

Just purchased a new fridge? This video will guide you through the simple installation process from start to finish. Impress you partner no end by sorting this little necessity. 


19. How to clean gutters and install gutter guards 

Follow Erin’s step by step instructions on how to clean your gutters, with an added demonstration of how to install gutter guards, to help prevent any debris build up in the future. Come on, this is what you want…

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