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postnatal depression in men
Postnatal Depression in men

38% of new fathers are concerned about their mental health. Postnatal depression can affect both parents - it's time men acknowledge when they have a problem.

Dadvice: How To Assassinate Nits

A guide to an effective and genocidal nit removal with just a comb and a bottle of wine. By mum on the front line Natasha McNamara (because let's face it, dads usually stay clear of this shit).

fatherhood death
“Now that I have kids I confront death every day.”

The most brutally honest parenting column around - author David Whitehouse this week looks at fatherhood and death. The funniest thing you'll read till his next one.

Father of Daughters
A wipe-clean interview with Father of Daughters

Meet Father of Daughters, the Instafamous dad who has amassed 840,000 followers with his hilariously honest take on modern parenthood.

Prince William Fatherhood
Prince William’s Secret Fatherhood Worry

The new 'Daddy Issues' column from David Whitehouse on the fatherhood worry that even a Royal can't escape when he looks at his son: "What if he's a c*ck?"

The Rock Baby Skin To Skin
The Rock Shows New Dads How To Go Skin-To-Skin

Dwayne Johnson shared an Instagram snap showed him doing shirtless bonding with his newborn baby. Now it doesn't take much for him to strip, but nevertheless, The Rock should be applauded for showing the importance of new dads doing skin-to-skin.

Joseph Toonga, Fatherhood, dads
This man has reinvented ‘dad dancing’

Expressing how you feel can be difficult for men, especially for supposedly invulnerable fathers. So what about doing so through the medium of dance? Joseph Toonga, artistic director of Just Us Dance Theatre, is doing just with a hypnotic new show called 'Daughter Daughter - Before I Met You...'. His hip-hop-inspired extravaganza shines a stark light on the often awkward relationship between father and daughter via the art of body-popping. The genesis of the show, says Toonga, came from the birth of his own daughter…

Daddy Issues by David Whitehouse

A parenting column from author David Whitehouse. This first column is about why he hates parenting columns.