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Images of men
The Changing Image Of Men

Depictions of men are changing dramatically, according to an analysis of new trends by photography agency Getty Images. It seems that the word is beginning to spread: a new masculinity is upon us.

Prince Harry's past
Prince Harry: From Toxic Lad to Decent Man

The Book of Man's Martin Robinson on why Royal wedding nausea should quelled for a second to think about Prince Harry as the epitome of new masculinity.

Men in 1940s
Lessons in masculinity from the 1940s

"Things were better in the old days." Well, what if, in some ways, they were? One of the participants in immersive TV show 'Secret Agent Selection: WW2' gives us insight into men in the 1940s. It were grander then (if you discount the war (which you can't)).

Cosby and us: Why it’s on men to stop Toxic Masculinity

The Cosby case is the final straw. Let's make this moment a watershed for men to stop Toxic Masculinity, rather than leave it to the women. Men need to make misogyny socially unacceptable.

Toxic Masculinity Cumberbatch
Cumberbatch and the Lingering Stain of Toxic Masculinity

Benedict Cumberbatch says he doesn't care his Weinstein-produced film has been shelved, he can wait until we're "rid of that toxicity." But when will that be? Toxic Masculinity is a stain hard to shift.

Toxic Masculinity
‘Toxic Masculinity’: The Problem With The Phrase

Professor Eric Anderson, a sociologist from the University of Winchester, wants to retire the term 'Toxic Masculinity', saying it unfairly implicates all men.

New Masculinity
Time For A New Masculinity?

Editor of The Book of Man, Martin Robinson, on why there needs to be an overhaul of what we think of as masculinity. Warning: contains emotional material.