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Women problems for men
“Women’s Problems” That Men Can Get Too

Like thrush, for starters! Yes, gents, let's get real here - many ailments often associated with women can affect men too, so don't pretend the symptoms aren't happening... By Niloufar Shafi

Breakfast smoothies to fix your bad moods

Starting your day with a shot of vodka is a baaaaaaad idea. If you want to fix your mental and physical ailments without losing your job, try one of these healing breakfast smoothies. Whether you're hungover, hangry or suffering from anxiety and depression, these scientifically-formulated beauties will boost your mood and performance...

Medical kit
Every man must carry a medical kit

When we're out and about, men should be equipped with medical kit to help other people in case of emergency. It's not about being a hero, just being able to help.