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"Who blocked the f***ing toilet?"

How to unblock everything at home


Like panic attacks and Quorn, blocked toilets are a fact of modern life. But before you hire a 24-hour 'drain doctor' with a PhD in fleecing bewildered customers, try these simple solutions and save yourself £££…


How to unblock a toilet

"A blocked toilet is a common problem but it's really easy to fix" says Chez Rossi, better known as YouTube star UltimateHandyman. "Before you try anything else, try a common plunger. They cost about £1 at a plumber's merchant." What if it's urgent? Fashion a coat hanger into a rod. Gently wiggle it so as not to scratch the toilet. You can also try hot (not boiling) water to dissolve the paper. Boost your chance of success by squirting in some washing up liquid to lubricate the waste trap. No dice? Maybe the kids have rammed a Matchbox car down there. In which case, you're going to have to get your hands dirty…


How to unblock a sink

Again, try a plunger. Here's the secret sauce: "You need to block the sink's overflow holes with a wet hand. If you don't, the plunger will just force all the trapped water up the overflow." And into your face, no doubt. "Put the plunger over the hole and give it a few firm pushes and the blockage should be gone." No joy? "Use a heavy duty chemical unblocker". These are available in supermarket cleaning aisles. It's basically acid, so wear rubber gloves and goggles. Still not draining? Power Plumber (£16) is an aerosol-type solution. "Hold it down over the plughole to create a seal and it'll squirt a high pressure blast of air down the pipe. It's not cheap, but I do find it works".

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