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I agree with the points raised, namely, it is a complex issue and there cannot and will not be a single solution, pinpointing one section of society to change will also not fix the problem. There is much healing and listening to be done.

Personally, for me, I think starting with the question of what type of society do I want to live in provides the answers. Love and respect for fellow humans I think should always be our starting point. It is from there we find empathy and compassion in how we see ourselves and how we treat others.

I know this sounds abstract and raises the question how do you teach love, what does that do in practical terms to fix an age-old problem which is so deeply embedded in our society from the way we speak to the images we see.  Well, I think it gives us a universal approach from how we make policies, how we provide justice, how we hold each other for account of our actions.

In non-secular traditions, there is a long-held understanding that we possess both masculine and feminine energies/ traits. Perhaps amplifying this understanding would help change the opinion of what it means to find strength and balance.