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Dwayne Fields in Jason Fox’s Wild Tales Podcast

Yes, Foxy's first episode is now available to listen to, and it is a killer. His guest is Dwayne Fields, an adventurer with a remarkable and inspiring story to tell...

Today is a good day, for today is the start of Foxy’s new podcast series. Jason Fox’s Wild Tales, presented by The Book of Man and in partnership with Talisker single malt whisky. The podcast is all about adventure and resilience and will feature Foxy talking to some truly amazing people – none more so than his first guest, Dwayne Fields.

Dwayne is a Jamaican-born adventurer who works with inner city children to connect them with the outdoors. He grew up as a kid who loved exploring Jamaica’s wildlife, but had a major culture shock when his family moved to a tough part of London when he seven. After being the victim of gang violence on a number of occasions, Dwayne moved in earnest towards naturalism and adventuring, and became the first black British man to reach the magnetic north pole.

Dwayne is currently raising funds for his next trip to Antartica and some special UK based expeditions – check out  and @dwaynefields






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