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Testicular cancer checks
“I left it so long…the testicular cancer had spread.”

Testicular cancer is one of the most curable of cancers, yet 70% of men don't check themselves. Men who have experienced it tell us how important it is to do so. A must read.

A workout to boost your intellect and mental health

Reading books, doing calculus and analysing poems might be only half of the equation - training and exercising might be more helpful for your brain than you may think.

Tate Britain launches Pride celebrations with ‘Queer and Now’

The Tate are celebrating Pride in London by launching the Queer and Now festival, looking at the history and influence of queer art in the UK. Cristian Angeloni speaks to guest curator E-J Scott.

Intermittent Fasting: The Joy of Not Eating

Not all men like to have a bodybuilder-like physique and we shouldn’t be expected to. It should be all about connecting your mind and body. One technique to help this is intermittent fasting. Welcome to two meals a day.

Steroids at gym
Needle Nightmares: Long Term Fears About Steroids

Now needle bins are a fixture at gyms around the country, steroid use is officially overground. But what are the long-term issues? And what does it say about modern man's self image? Cristian Angeloni reports.