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Penis anxiety

Taboo Buster

Naked Men Wanted For Book of Man’s Workshop

Mental Health

Photographer Laura Dodsworth is joining The Book of Man's Workshop for Better Mental Health for a special shoot about body anxiety. And we want YOU to take part...

As if our Workshop for Better Mental Health couldn’t get any better… well now we are thrilled to announce we have Laura Dodsworth appearing at the event to do a very special photoshoot on the day.

Laura is of course the snapper and storyteller behind the Bare Reality series of books – including ‘Manhood’ in which she photographed and interviewed 100 men about their penises and lives – and the recent, and already legendary, C4 documentary ‘100 Vaginas’. And at our event – which is at Islington Metal Works on 19th May – she is going to be continuing her taboo-busting oeuvre by shooting men in the nude, and specifically the body parts that give them the most anxiety. We know men often hide their bodily worries in shame, and very rarely talk about their hang-ups, which of course leads to mental health issues – so this will directly seek to change those attitudes and encourage men to embrace their ‘flaws’. As part of this project we will also be shooting all the men together for one naked group shot, as a gesture of solidarity and pride.

So of course, we need men to take part in this ground breaking shoot!

Here’s how the shoot will work:

  • Individual shots. Portraits, and close-up of the body part which causes most anxiety.
  • Naked group shot. Outdoors at the cool Islington Metal Works venue. We’ll bring dressing gowns!

The images will be shown during the workshop event during a special panel talk on stage in which Laura will speak to the men she has photographed in front of our audience. This is important because we want to encourage men to open up about the things in life they are worried about, and bring home just how normal they are. Our entire Workshop for Better Mental Health is built around that concept as we believe in the power of openness and community as a way to battle the issue.

If you are interested in being part of the shoot please email, including the details below:

Name, age, occupation.

What area of your body causes you most anxiety.

What area do you like the most.

Recent photo (headshot).

Please be aware there are a limited number of spots available for this one-off, empowering project. Email us now before the places are taken.

You can buy tickets to the event here.

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