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Shared paternity leave
Towards Equal Parenting (Death to Daddy Pig)

As his new book 'Dads Don't Babysit' is released, James Millar writes about how to make parenting more equal for the benefit of everyone (though a certain cartoon pig has to die).

Stillbirth and men: a socially unacceptable grief?

An interview with MP Will Quince about his personal experience with stillbirth, and why social assumptions about men means they are supposed to 'man up' and not deal with such tragedies in a real way.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Is Male Entitlement Made Flesh

Political commentator James Millar takes a look at the man and his recent career - WARNING: CONTAINS VERY BAD LANGUAGE

Brexit for men
Why Brexit is Bad for Men

Brexit is dominated by men, talked about in manly terms, and its regulations favour men. And of course we mean the wrong kind of men. Political commentator James Millar unveils the toxicity of Brexit.