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Festival advice for men
How to do festivals if you’re over 30

Worried about how to go wild in a field as an adult? Here's some festival advice for men over 30. Acid sand stage-diving is off the cards, we're afraid. Matt Charlton guides you through...

Love Island hate
“God damn you, ITV2; God damn you, society”

As the whole world is loving Love Island, there's another upside down world of people who hate it. Honestly. Matt Charlton is one of them - we forced him to watch it. Did he change his mind? In a word: bollocks.

gym rules
10 Gym Rules That Should be Punishable by Death

Here are the new gym rules which you must abide by or writer Matt Charlton will kill you (or at least frown to himself about). Let's try and make the gym a better, and less stinking, place for everyone.

animal TV shows
Nightmares in HD: C5 Goes Berserk About Animals

Are too much animal videos a bad thing? Not as far as Channel 5 is concerned. Their recent animal shows-only day may be easily mocked, but the dudes just won their first Bafta! Writer Matt Charlton mocks them anyway...

10 things depression
Mental Health
10 Things Not to Say to Someone With Depression

Because it's important to find some humour in order to connect here writer Matt Charlton runs down the worst things people say when they hear you suffer from depression.