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The most bizarre art thefts ever


Aperitivo Week is Here!

Aperitivo Week is going to kick-start the summer with a range of events by the hot new Barcelona drinks brand El Bandarra.

Mental Health
We’re Never Better Off Without You

Poorna Bell writes a letter to her husband, who was lost to suicide, as she approaches a landmark birthday without him by her side...

Prostate Cancer UK
Men’s Lives Are Worth Saving

Prostate Cancer UK have set up walks across the UK in June to raise awareness and funds. You really must join a March for Men...

Dean Chalkley

Our Festival of New Masculinity will climax on 19th March with photographer Dean Chalkley attempting to shoot 100 men in a day for a unique live exhibition.

Sacha Baron Cohen sued
Fast News Edit: Sacha Baron Cohen sued

Headlines: Sacha Baron cohen sued for $90 million; misogyny to become a hate crime; UBER moves into scooters; how "super-recognisers" caught Russian spies on CCTV.

The most bizarre art thefts ever
The most bizarre art thefts ever

From a 17-stone pensioner to a Norwegian professional footballer, all kinds of people have turned their hand to art theft – as these bizarre heists prove.