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Xmas Gifts: Top 20 Tech Buys


Prepare to be wowed by a wireless Walkman, a jet suit, a robot arm and a self-heating coffee cup...

Smartphone Projector

Turn your phone into a projector and retire your TV. Yes with this projector you can beam videos and app content onto a wall. Oh yes, yet another way to watch sweet, sweet content…

£28.95  – buy now  

Lego Back to the Future time machine

This is just silly. Not silly as in daft, but silly how much we want this. Coming with a working Flux Capacitor – well, it won’t send you back in time but it lights up. If anyone bought us this we’d be ugly crying until New Year’s.

£169.99 – buy now

Pioneer DDJ-200 

This compact gadget is ideal for the kind of DJ who enjoys sleeping and doesn’t want tinnitus. Pioneer’s deck is elegantly designed, looks great on a coffee table, and allows you to mix tracks from your phone, laptop or tablet (an iPad fits in the slot at the top). It also teaches you how to mix seamlessly, pulling in songs from your Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes playlists.


Meta Quest 2 all-in-one headset

Christmas can be hellishly stressful. So when the Brexit debate rears its ugly head, why not escape into an alternate reality? This wireless virtual reality lets you go ‘hands-free’ as you explore virtual world or knock the stuffing out of Mike Tyson in a virtual boxing match. Peace and goodwill to all, yeah.

£399 – buy now

Kindle Scribe

Have you ever felt the urge to stop swiping on your tablet and just start scrawling all over it with a pen instead? Well, now you can with the Kindle Scribe, which is actually really fun to use and useful for note-making as well as writing silly messages to hold behind people’s heads.

£359.99 – buy now

Amazon Fire Tv Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube

This Fire cube is not aimed at pyromaniacs. Instead, this video streaming gadget gives you front row tickets to a festive film bonanza. You get crisp 4K films from Netflix and Amazon Prime, plus access to a host streaming apps and games. Plug it in and ask Alexa for her recommendations (or demand she play all the Home Alone‘s.)

£110 – buy now

Ember Temperature-Controlled Smart Mug

The invention of the decade. A mug that keeps tea and coffee at a precise drinking temperature so it never goes cold. Synch the mug with the Ember app and set a preferred temperature for tea and another for coffee. The mug’s heating element keeps the brew to within a degree for up to an hour (longer if you place it on the ‘charging saucer’). This isn’t just about solving some massive first world problem… No, hang on, it is. Pure genius, though.

£129.95 – buy now

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

Apple’s teeny wireless earbuds have grown up. The new Pro version boasts world-class noise-cancelling that blocks out the world and detailed sound with a lot more oomph than the standard AirPods. You can gift them in any colour as long as it white. Unless you pay uber-customisers ColorWare to add a bespoke lick of paint.

 £249 – buy now

Bose Frames Soprano Audio Sunglasses

US audio maker Bose has somehow managed to squeeze an entire sound system into a pair of sunglasses using ‘micro-acoustic’ tech. Wearers can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth phone or tablet, as well as take calls and access voice assistants such as Siri. Simply add ‘sunglasses that play music’ to your Christmas list and await shock, confusion and, ultimately, disgust.

£239  – buy now

Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones

Put simply, the most stylish wireless earphones ever. They automatically play when you put them in, then pause when you take them out. Choose from a range of handcrafted acetate finishes. You can even personalise the buds with a gold monogram. Perfect for the millennial aristocrat.

£229-329 – buy now

Polaroid Originals – Now+ i-Type 

The instant camera is back. Designed for the modern age, this Polaroid snapper features a rechargeable battery, improved viewfinder and a powerful flash. Just get yourself some i-Type film and you’re off to the races.

£120 – buy now

Beeline Velo 2 Smart Bike Compass

This award-winning gadget will save the directionally-challenged cyclist from location-based cock-ups. Rather than attempting to read Google Maps while cruising along, mount this device on your handlebars for simple arrows.

£99.99 – buy now

Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Filter coffee is making a comeback, and rightly so. The ‘drip’ method  might take longer than a pod machine, but you extract more flavour from the ground beans that sit in the little paper cone. Smeg’s new drip machine does dripping for you, with an auto-mode for sleepy mornings. Choose from two brew levels: light or intense.

£199 – buy now

Nintendo Switch OLED Console

A new version of the Switch which has a bigger screen and better images. Looks cool too.  Spend Xmas just with you, the OLED and those goddam Mario Kart banana skins.

£309.99 – buy now



Cruzaa aluminium electric bike

Electric bikes are having a future-bringing time right now, and this one is particularly nice, with a 240w motor, a lightweight frame and built-in bluetooth speakers. Make all your neighbours sickeningly jealous.

£2900 – buy now

Pro-Ject Juke Box 2

Easy to use and beautifully stylish, this premium turntable has a built-in amplifier, gold plated sockets and can hook up to bluetooth speakers. Just lovely.

£599 – buy now

Luna 2 face brush and anti-ageing massager for men

A facial cleansing and massaging tool, this little devil will deliver 8000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute through its silicon brush. Meaning, deep pore cleansing, toning vibrations and a face that cannot age (ok, it might, but this is still very good).

£111.75 – buy now

Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker 

This premium Fitbit monitors your activities, heart rate and sleep, and comes with a GPS for when you’re out on a run. Best of all it has a Stress Management system which analyses how your body responds to stress to help you manage it. Great bit of kit.

£99 – buy now

Oral B Genius X A.I. toothbrush

Artificial intelligence comes to the humble toothbrush. Finally, you can now use algorithms to get clear, whiter teeth – with less effort. The accompanying smartphone app tracks where you miss a bit, giving you personalised feedback on your sub-par performance.

£198.79 – buy now

Gravity Industries Jet Suit Experience

Possibly the greatest ‘experience’ gift ever: learning to fly a jet pack that’s not only real and works, but is actually safe. Once you arrive at a hanger 90 minutes outside London, you’ll learn to pilot the Gravity Industries Jet Suit, invented by a British rocketman Richard Browning – and become one of an elite bunch of people who have experienced the joy of flying without wings. See it in action here.

From £2,000 – buy now

iPhone Pro Max Case

Quality and stylish cases from Burga, helping you to take a step out of the usual black and grey man’s comfort zone…

£34.99, – buy now


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