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Christmas Gift Guide: Top 20 Travel Gifts


A smart suitcase or a DIY snowboard? Here are 20 travel gifts for the terminally adventurous...

Larq Self-cleaning Water Bottle 

2019’s best travel gadget? Easy – the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. Touch the cap and it uses UV-C light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bacteria, providing pristine drinking water anytime, anywhere.


Time Kettle WT2 Real-time Ear Translator

Pop a bud into your ear and it translates almost any language in real-time. Give the other bud to the person you’re talking to and – boom! – you can now chat to locals or rent a pedalo without getting ripped off.



Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition

The latest Atlas Obscura will point you to the world’s greatest hidden treasures, from the weird (Hitler’s spectacular mountain top retreat) to the wonderful (the breathtaking Marble Caves of Chile).


La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV

This tiny wearable UV meter from L’Oréal prevents accidental sunburn. It connects to an app that, like a well-meaning pub landlord, tells you when you’ve “had enough, sunshine.”


Tesalate sand-repellent towels

The Aussies have invented the world’s first “sand-repellent” beach towel. Simply tropic like it’s hot and enjoy the rays, safe in the knowledge that the high-tech linen won’t gather up grains of sand and become rougher than sandpaper.


Canon Zoemini S Instant camera

This instant snapper is all about upping your selfie game. It has a front mirror and a flattering ‘ring flash’, so you’ll look glossy-as-f*ck in every shot. Travelling alone? You can trigger the shutter remotely, via a smartphone app.


Columbia Challenger Star Wars 

Designed for both ‘stormy weather and Imperial invasions’, this special edition Omni-Tech waterproof jacket pays homage to Star Wars with a Rebel Alliance chest patch and lightsaber print. Shackleton must be spinning in his grave.


Sony SRS-XB32 waterproof speaker

This rugged wireless speaker is fully waterproof. Ideal for beach bonfires, it features ‘Live Sound’ mode and party lights that flash to the beat. You can even ‘play’ the speaker by tapping it to make different sounds – like a snare drum, cowbell or scratch.


Horizn Studios M5 Cabin smart suitcase

Designed for seamless travel, this hipster-friendly suitcase has an integrated battery that charges phones and tablets. The luxe design features liquid-smooth Japanese 360-degree spinner wheels, plus thoughtful extras – such as a laundry bag – to please frequent flyers.


Native Union Smart Charger

This state-of-the-art charger can juice up two devices at once. Comes with three plug heads to cover UK, Europe and US.


Abercrombie & Fitch Ultra Parka 

Inspired by the Northwest American pioneer outdoorsmen, this duck down parka features a faux fur hood, sherpa-lined collar and fleece-lined pockets. Whether you’re standing around on a film set in East London or scaling Mont Ventoux, your internal organs will feel like they’re suspended in a pool of hot buttered rum.


Berluti Off The Road motorcycle helmet

The ultimate motorbike helmet, featuring an ultralight, Japanese-made carbon fibre shell edged with patinated Venezia leather rendered from the finest French calves. Artisanal? Yes. Vegan? Er, no, sadly not.


Urbanears Pampas wireless headphones

Whether you’re boarding a flight to Menorca or Miami, these uber-cool Swedish
wireless headphones will help you zone out. They’re seriously comfy and feature a collapsible design that’s suitcase-friendly. Expect 30+ hours playback per charge.


Van Moof Smart S electric bicycle

The most stylish, durable electric bike ever – and practically impossible to steal. Even if it does get nicked, Van Moof’s crack team of international Bike Hunters will use GPS technology to track it down – and take it back. How badass is that? Features integrated battery, electric lights and air suspension saddle.


Burton DIY Throwback Snowboard

Weird-looking snowboard, right? As you probably guessed, this is a Do It Yourself board. In a nod to the pioneers of the sport, you get to shape this baby to your exact specification. All you need is a little imagination… and a big saw.


Biolite SolarPanel 5

This is no ordinary solar panel. Its integrated sundial aligns it to the sun to capture the hottest rays, while a 360 degree kickstand secures it on uneven terrain. The 2200mAh onboard battery stores the energy for later, allowing you to charge phones and tablets in the most unforgiving wilderness.


Stow The World Class Tech Case

Stow’s ‘wander-luxe’ leather case is the perfect place to stash tech and travel documents. It comes with a Moleskine notebook and a 4000mAh battery that can charge a mobile phone twice over. Fun fact: Megan Markle has one and “loves it”.


Hala Nass Touring Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboards are a lot more convenient than surfboards, since you can inflate them anywhere, then pack them away in a carry case. This top-notch starter kit includes everything you need to explore Britain’s misty lakes and rivers.


Lumos Kickstart Helmet

There are a ton of smart bicycle helmets, but this beauty tops the table with 48 LED lights that function as turn signals and indicate hard braking. The battery lasts six hours per charge and we love the ability to activate the turn signals via an Apple Watch.


Best Made Co The Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Designed for camping out under the stars, cowboy-style, this American-made wool blanket is as warming as a mug of Camp Coffee. It comes in its own Best Made Co leather sling.


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