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Think sprout of the box

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 20 Food Gifts


Stylish gifts for vegan gourmands, chocoholics and people with a pathological hatred of Brussels sprouts...

Personalised Eight-finger KitKat

Christmas past brought us personalised Quality Street. Christmas present bring us… the personalised eight-finger KitKat. Select the chocolate, choose from 14 toppings including popping candy, and John Lewis will text you when your colossal custom Kit-Kat is ready to collect. Short of time? You can pick up the ‘off-the-peg’ Whisky and Ginger Kit-Kat for £8.

From £14 (selected stores only)

Stuart Gardner ‘Head Chef’ Double Oven Glove

The ‘tattoos’ are actually conversion charts, roasting times, chopping guides and other handy cookery tips. The same designer also does this stylish Whisky Tea Towel (£12), packed with Bourbon-based know-how.


Spreadable Rum

How? And Why? We’re not sure but a jar spreadable rum marmalade is guaranteed to make someone very happy. Have it on toast, have it in cocktails, lick it off the floor – it’s up to you. From the same people who brought you Spreadable Whisky.

£10 (Pre-order for 17 Dec)

BI.DU.HAEV Greeting pour-over coffee stand

Drip coffee is making a comeback – but not the sort you see in Buddy’s American diner. Well, the same sort but without the waitress’ fag ash floating on the top. This unpronounceable gadget is part sculpture, part pour-over coffee machine. Features: hand-blown glass dripper, copper stopcock and knitted jacket to keep your brew cosy.



Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a metre-long salami. Weighing in at 1.5kg, this deluxe meatstick is slow-aged by a 150-year-old Italian sausage producer. The perfect centrepiece for any table. Although, the  Stilton will be quite a disappointment…


Rooted Spices Explorer’s Spice Set

Journey around the globe, one spice at a Phileas Foggin’ time, with this flavour-maximising kit. Features everything from Jamaican jerk seasoning to Japanese-style Shichimi Togarashi and Arabic Za’atar (good sprinkled on eggs).





Drop Colander

Forget the Spiralizer. Drop – the world’s first handheld colander – is this year’s hottest kitchen gadget. Two domed halves flip together at the touch of a button; pour water in the top of the handle to rinse contents, then shake like a maraca. No need to be timid because your really expensive organic berries can’t escape this time! Take that and party.


Recipes from an Italian Butcher (Hardback)

Loads of celebrity chefs have suddenly decided that vegans are brilliant and have rushed out ‘vegan-inspired’ cookbooks just in time for Christmas. They deserve neither your money nor your approval. Instead, try this humble meat bible curated by Italian butchers. Contains 150 authentic recipes designed to demystify dishes like osso buco and Barolo-braised beef.


Julavie X Cold Press Juicer

If you’ve tasted ‘cold press’ fruit juice you’ll know that it tastes far better than any other juice – including Umbongo. So, good news: you can now cold press your fruit at home with this high-end presser designed for wealthy Californians. It deploys ‘the weight of two elephants’ to compresses fruit, ensuring maximum goodness in every drop. Plus, the fruit is pressed in a bag so there’s far less mess to clean up.


COCO Gin & Tonic Single Origin Chocolate Bar

Palm oil-free, vegan, origin made and wrapped in artwork by local Scottish artists. There’s really no excuse not to eat your own bodyweight in COCO’s ethical chocolate bars. Flavours include Isle of Skye Sea Salt, Gin & Tonic, Cold Brew Coffee and Rhubarb & Ginger.

£4.50 each

Where Chefs Eat 3rd Edition

This 1,184-page gourmet guide is basically an analogue Tripadvisor compiled by professional chefs. Let the likes of René Redzepi, Jason Atherton and Yotam Ottolenghi point you in the direction of the the finest local hangouts and brunch spots in over 70 countries. Contains reviews, quotes, insider tips and city maps.


Ross & Ross Ultimate Bacon Sandwich Kit

The ultimate slow food experience. Cure your own bacon then assemble an epic bacon sandwich with this ingenious ‘hands on’ kit. Includes everything from a butcher’s hook and curing mixes, to Beetroot Ketchup by The Foraging Fox.



Little’s Sugar ‘n’ Spice Flavoured Instant Coffee Gift Set 

The backlash has started. In 2019, we’ll no longer have to put with waiting 20 minutes for a deconstructed latte that comes in test tubes. Instant coffee is back – and it’s artisan! This set contains three jars of Little’s excellent infused instant coffee: Gingerbread Cookie, Chocolate Chai and Cardamom Bun.


Tom Dixon Stone Spice Grinder

A simple yet effective tool, carved from solid marble, that’s guaranteed to upgrade your culinary skills. Use the pressure of your palm to roll the ball and pulverise the spices. Perfect for people who are fans of British design and mad about making their own curries.


Rigby & Mac The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

Who knew you could make your own fresh cheeses in under an hour? This kit contains everything you need to make mozzarella, halloumi, paneer, queso blanco and Scottish Crowdie (whatever that is). Just add milk, yoghurt or cream. Fun fact: this kit can crank out around 10kg of cheese, so you’ll need hella crackers.


Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

This is basically a pizza restaurant oven – but in miniature. It has a stone floor that cooks a crispy, bubbly Neapolitan margherita in just 60 seconds. Can’t be arsed with burning wood? It can also be hooked up to a little gas bottle. Either way this baby brings the heat, reaching temperatures of over 500ºC.


Ross & Ross Brussels Sprout Dust

The best way to pimp your Christmas dinner? Sprout Dust, obviously. Parboil your sprouts then finish in a pan with butter and sprinkle of this game-changing seasoning (ginger, garlic, chilli, cumin and paprika). Fun fact: Sprout Dust recently won ‘Gift of the Year’. Another fun fact: You can take things up  a notch with Ross & Ross’ awesome Roast Potato Oil.


Guzzini Salad Lunch Box Chilled

This Italian-designed spherical lunch box takes the biscotti. It has an airtight lid that opens to reveal compartments complete with plates, bowls, tongs and cutlery. It even has a freezeable cooler unit to keep salad and yoghurt chilled. Clearly, the Italians wouldn’t tolerate a Boots meal deal…



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