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The War on Hair

How To Manscape Like Daniel Craig


From the chest to the testicles, men are now manscaping the lot in time for summer. But what's the best way to go about it without things turning all 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'? Brent Pankhurst, barber to Daniel Craig, answers our questions.

1. Chest

We are in the age of the manscaping. Whatever happened to the glory days of hairy chests?

The Sean Connery, Tom Selleck hairy man vibe is behind us. A lot of men as we go into summer and start having hotter weather will choose to take it all off. Regardless of personal preference, a lot of shaving and hair maintenance now is about being nicely groomed and trimmed. 

When did men start thinking you should take it all off?

Men’s grooming on the whole has changed and will always go through periods of trends. On the whole trends come from social culture and what the male idols are doing with their bodies. It’s not a coincidence that men are paying more attention to the hair on their bodies when adverts and social media campaigns, models and brands are avoiding body hair in their posts. 

If men are shaving it, what’s the best way?

Always trim the hair down first, I would recommend using a number 1 on the clippers to get the hair nice and short. After that work from a T-shape from the navel up so you are left with a short, tight, groomed t-shape silhouette. 

2. Legs

Men are shaving their legs a lot more, right?

A lot of men are shaving their legs because of sports reasons such as cycling, and there are proven facts that shaving hair off can take seconds off your race time. However, there are probably a lot of men that also shave for personal reasons and blame it on sport.

What are the problems in this, that men may not be aware of?

There is always the risk that re-growth can be uncomfortable and itchy, plus having stubble on legs during the re-growth period can cause friction if you wear tight trousers. 

How much effort is it to maintain shaved legs though?

If men are just shaving their legs then perhaps it isn’t too much maintenance, although the hair will grow back quickly and this will be a regular endeavour. However, if men are shaving a lot of areas on their body then you might start spending much longer in the shower than you used to

In some sense, is all this manscaping ‘our turn’, after women have felt they had to do it for so long?

I think it is great that men are now returning the favour and looking after themselves a bit better after women have done it for so many years. Any man that has ever had an area of his body waxed would happily shave for the rest of his life in gratitude! 


3. Bum

How of earth can you go about tackling this in any thorough way?

It can be done but it has to be done with a lot of feel and touch and stretching and you will definitely need a mirror. 

What are the definite no-nos?

Do not shave into the bum, shave from the crevice out and try and keep your cheeks held apart nice and wide. Do not shave any long hairs, make sure the hair is clipped down. 


4. Pubic hair

What are the key tips for this area?

As with all shaving, the hair should be short to start with and trimmed down with clippers. A shaving cream or balm should be applied onto the clean skin in circular motions so that the hair is raised making it easier for a cleaner shave. It is really important in general but particularly on areas of the body where the skin is more sensitive to make sure that you are using a new, clean and sharp razor that you don’t need to keep going over the same areas and making it sore. 

Should you go for a certain shape? In other words, is it acceptable for manscaping men to get a bit creative down here, like women sometimes do? A landing strip? A love heart?

A V or T shape works better. A lot of men will appreciate the extra inch too but I’d always encourage men to avoid anything ‘fashionable’ and opt for well-groomed and classic styles instead.


5. Back

Should we care about back hair?

Nobody likes a gorilla. For men, it can be very embarrassing and make men feel quite insecure. Especially in the warmer months when it can become sweaty and carry a smell. 

Should you ask someone else to help you here?

Yes 100% unless you have some special yoga skills that enable you to reach all areas of your back. A close friend, a family member or a partner are the ideal people to ask, especially if it is for their benefit! 


6. Arms

Is this for men with tattoos primarily?

Men want to keep the hair on their arms short so they aren’t looking like Odd Bod out of Carry on Screaming but yes, it would make the most sense to shave your arms if you have tattoos or are involved in certain sports where you want the outlines of your arms to be showcased without any distraction.  

How should men treat their skin to show off tattoos best??

After shaving, the skin should always be moisturised so that it is kept soft and left free of irritation. 


7. Testicles

Presumably we should operate with extreme caution here?

Yes, definitely. 

I mean, what should you do? While staying safe?

The skin needs to be pulled very tight which will then reduce the risk of cuts. The hair must be trimmed short before you start shaving and you need to move very gently and softly without placing too much pressure. Shave in short sections so you can move the skin in different places if need be to get the right angle. 

Is this more of a ‘light-trim’ treatment situation?

I would suggest keeping it to a light-trim situation to avoid any casualties! 


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Nivea for Men manscaping range

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NIVEA MEN Anti-Irritation Body Shaving Range
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