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R.I.P. Pepperoni

10 best places to order vegan pizza in London


We've tried and tested the best possible at home pizza experience for vegans in London. All you have to do is find the boxset to watch.

Yard Sale Pizza

Right let’s start our vegan pizza delivery in London with one of the newest and most popular new restaurants – Yard Sale Pizza. Not only known for hosting a jam session with Macaulay Culkinit also boasts some insanely good pizza and you can edit all the pizzas for a vegan option.


At Firezza, the Neapolitan-style pizza is thin, crispy and considerably more healthy than the thicker, cheesier alternatives. They were very proud of their Vegano Chorizo pizza and have more vegan specials coming in the future. In the meantime you can switch out your dairy cheese for non dairy on any pizza.

Pizza Hut

If you like your pizza mainstream perhaps the most famous pizza brand Pizza Hut has not just one vegan crust option but four. The Pan, All American Thin, Gluten Free and Flatbread crusts are all vegan, and from there you can choose your own (vegan) toppings, including ‘bacon bits’ that have not been anywhere near a pig and the non-dairy cheese violife. The only downside is that currently you can only order the vegan pizza in-store.

Fed By Water

Fed By Water is a plant-based restaurant in Dalston that aims to source it’s products locally and keep its carbon footprint to the bare minimum. All the food is vegan and super healthy and heaven for vegans in terms of choice. Plus hands up who wants charcoal activated pizza dough!

Organica Pizza Company

Organic ingredients and a slow rather than fast approach to their pizza making, for the Organica Pizza Company the vegan options include the Meatless Feast – involving every kind of non-meat meat substitute you can dream up and the Vegana for a straight vegan option.

Pizza Pilgrims

Not everyone digs cheese. I know. Weird right. But a Pizza Pilgrims pizza without cheese is in fact a Marinara and quite delicious – plus being of course 100% vegan. They also host vegan pizza nights so keep your eyes peeled for the next one.


PickyWops is a small but perfectly formed Italian pizza restaurant that is 100% vegan and perfect if your looking for vegan pizza delivery in London. Customers are offered one of six flour bases: multi-grain, turmeric, burned wheat, hemp, spirulina, kamut or regular 00 with a long list of choices for toppings and cheese alternatives. If you love pizza and love veganism – get your orders in!

Pizza Express 

The Pizza Express Vegan Giadiniera is available for delivery (whoop) and you can pair it with dairy-free sorbet and doughballs for a full blown meal. Which is excellent news for loyal Pizza Express fans should veganism and not moving from your couch become a life choice.

Vegan Giardiniera. It won an award for a reason. #pizzaexpress #vegan

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Ask Italian

Ask Italian has moved far beyond the one off vegan special, they have an entire menu dedicated to vegan pizzas, starters, sides, and even a kids vegan menu. Impressive!



Another impressive menu from the high-street. Zizzi have everything from pasta to pizza plus vegan puddings and sides. So we’ll be ordering this thanks; Vegan Pepperonata, tomato, mozzarella alternative (made with coconut oil), fire-roasted peppers, sunblush tomatoes, hot roquito chillies & pea shoots.

Find your favourite. #ZizziGoodTimes #Rustica #vegan #pizza #pizzatime

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